A Shit Show Named Corinne #TheBachelor


For anyone who watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette knows there’s always one or maybe two that brings the show to a whole new level of stupid.

Take for example Corrine, the grown woman with a nanny.

In this episode, on the first group date, was all about wedding photos. Of course it’s not just a wedding photo. The premise of the group date was to have different brides from different styles. For example, an 80’s bride which Vanessa pulled off extremely well, the Adam and Eve bride, the shotgun bride, you get the drift.

Corinne was all gun-ho(e) since her dress was basically a bikini top. She was all smiles and oozing with confidence, that is until Brittany walked in with just the leaf bottom and fake hair to cover her boobs.

Then the game changed. It wasn’t about fun for her anymore, it was about her gaining as much time with him as she could and plastering her lips on him. She believes, somewhere in her pathetic mind, that getting the first kiss, she has some kind of leverage.

Here’s the thing, a kiss is truly just a kiss but if there’s no emotional attachment, it doesn’t mean shit. As for Nick, he’s a man and a lot of the times, men won’t just pull away when a woman is kissing them. Trust, if he’s serious in this process, everything Corinne is doing will not win over his heart. His cock maybe, but that’s basically it.

Moving on to photo shoot and Corinne seeing Brittany getting the better of the bride, she couldn’t just be herself…wait a minute, I can’t give her that much credit. I doubt the bitch knows exactly who she is. Anyway, for Corinne’s photo shoot, her bright ideas was to take off her bikini top in front of everyone watching.

The photographer at the end picks Nick and Corinne as the winner deeming them as the couple with the most chemistry. Huh?

Did anyone catch Nick’s face when the photographer bought up her name?

Yeah, I caught that too.

During the one to ones, Corinne took the liberty of interrupting other woman’s time because after all just undeservingly winning the photo shoot, and having one on one time with him, here she was again being disruptive. At one point when she comes back after interrupting Raven, she makes a statement that maybe her boob was sticking out while she was talking to Nick, but “no biggie”.

Other than men hungry for sex, tell me what man wants to bring this stupid ass home to their family.

Trust when I say, Corinne will not be one of the top four. I suspect, if not this episode she will be leaving in the next one, the one thereafter. If all she has to offer are boobs in her drunken state, she won’t get very far.

Back at the house, the one on one date card comes in and Liz, who’s already had a taste of Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding but refused to give him her number, is now regretting her decision.

She hasn’t told anyone in the house, she already had sex with Nick and if she was smart she would keep her big mouth shut. But here’s the deal, this isn’t going to end well with Liz. If Nick really was interested in her, he wouldn’t have just accepted her “no” when she refused to give him her number.

And upon seeing the coming attractions, it looks like she does tell at least one person, only to have that person go back and tell Nick. Not a good move.

bachelor-2017-danielle-maltbyDanielle M. who has the permanent voice fry it seems got the one on one date with Nick.

Turning back to group date, Corinne, interrupts time with Taylor (this is now time number three). The man is trying to get to know these women instead of sticking his tongue down their throats, and all she wants to do is stick her tongue down his throat.

Now, follow me here….you’re on a date with a guy who just finished making out with another woman, would you want to kiss him after that?

My response…no.

Having now interrupted Taylor only to be more of a nuisance, Taylor turns around and interrupts them. Looks like Nick couldn’t get rid of Corinne fast enough.

This is the part where Corinne needed a whambulance as she fumes over the fact Taylor “re-interrupted” them and how rude it was for her to that?


Bitch please, have a fucking seat. Nick already has beard. He doesn’t need another one.

As for Taylor…good move!

I think Taylor isn’t a match for Nick. Most of these mental health relationship advisors can’t see what is good for them and what is not good for them.

Did anyone notice Corinne was drunk?

Also, did Corinne become the advisor to the women for the show? I’m confused on her stance with this. Why is she telling everyone how to behave?

The time now finally comes to give the group date rose, and who gets the rose…..Corinne?

This is the part where I through my head back in absolute disgust.

Lacey makes a good point, had she taken off her top would she have gotten a rose.

If you take your top off for a man, you better be making a porn movie.

The next day…

Corinne discusses with Lacey about how Nick makes her feel like herself, and oh the conversations they had.

I don’t remember that. I had to rewind to make sure….(I really didn’t this is me being sarcastic)

During the date with Danielle and Nick, I was lost as to why we just cut into the date. Where’s the editing department on the part when he picked her up. We were too busy stuck in watching the endless of the self centered Corinne.

As the viewers get to watch at least two minutes of the one on one with Danielle, back at the house, Liz confesses to Christien about her escapade with Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.

Seems as though while Christen is egging her on and telling her she would not disclose or divulge anything Liz would share with, the contortions on her face upon finding out Nick and Liz fucked the night of the wedding said something different. She made a good point when she said, if Nick had asked her for her number, she wouldn’t have said no, but would Christen had sacrifice giving her body to Nick as a possible one night stand and wait for him to call?

Probably not.

Back on the date with Danielle, more confusion as to what happened on the yacht? It was like two minutes of show. Now here we are on the date towards the evening and Nick who recants what happened on the two seasons he spent pursuing Andi and Kaitlyn.

As Danielle drones about her past relationship, shockingly she shared about being engaged and not realizing the person she was with was an addict who overdosed upon finding his body.

What a way to get a rose and be able to stay one more week.

However, I don’t see Danielle as one of the top four.

Back at the house, while Liz is concerned about where she stands with Nick, after their one night stand, the ladies wait for the other group date card, which reads as follows:

Christen, Josephine, Astrid, Jaimi, Kristina, Liz with the card titled. “We need to talk…”

The date, how should I put this, it’s an act of the “Art of Breaking Up”, as they witness a couple “breaking up”, horrible acting to say the least. The Museum of Broken Relationships, as it is called… the real acting came as they were pursuing through whatever the fuck they were looking at when Liz tries to connect with Nick. According to Christen, who conveniently is on this group date, observes Nick doesn’t make any eye contact with Liz, if anything Nick does everything his power to avoid her like she was a plague.

So being Nick has had his break ups on public display, the woman had to practice on what they would say, if they broke up with Nick. Interesting…being that Liz has some unresolved issues with Nick after sleeping with him and now feeling neglected.

While all of the woman were entertaining when it was Liz’s turn, it wasn’t the things said that made it the priceless moment, it was Christen jaw dropping moments that made Liz’s break up speech all the more enticing.

Now back at the cocktail hour, all Nick can think about is what could have Liz told women about the night they met. Didn’t seem he was able to concentrate on really getting to know woman, other than Jaimi who admits she dated a girl.

Seems as though Jaimi is on the wrong show. Does she really like men? Nothing wrong with being a lesbian but let’s not pretend we like men now.

When he had his time with Christen, she admitted to Nick that Liz did disclose what happened that night.

Finally, it was Liz’s turn to talk to Nick.


Nick aired his concerns as to why Liz decided to come back now after months of not hearing from her. If she was really interested in him, why didn’t she contact him? Clearly she had the means to get his number, because the Bachelor family is almost related, Nick wondered if she was there just to be on television.

Good point. It sure does make for good television, doesn’t it. To bring someone back from the past? I mean didn’t Nick do that when it came to Nick and Kaitlyn? Hadn’t they met before…yes, yes they have.

Now that Nick has discarded Liz like a used can of tuna, he goes back to tell the woman the truth as to why he sent her home.

Another jaw dropping moment LOL. (A tad bit dramatic if you ask me).


To be continued….

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,

Marabelle Blue
Real On Reality



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