#TheBachelor @viallnicholas28 – Episode 1


The Bachelor – Nick Vaill – Here We Go Again

Of all people to become the next Bachelor, Nick was chosen to find love after being turned down twice in the Bachelorette episodes with Andi and Kaitlyn.

The episodes plays out with Nick and his awkward moments as well as the let downs (quite an understatement) when Andi chose Josh over him and when Kaitlyn stopped him from proposing because she had her heart set on Shawn (who claimed he had a thing for her watching the Bachelor when she was rejected by Farmer Chris).

I love the part when we see conversations between the new bachelor/bachelorette who we are supposed to believe they’ve established friendships with past bachelor alumni.

Example, here we have Sean, Farmer Chris and Ben discussing Nick’s venture as they have been friends for years. #FAKE Thanks for the advice guys. Lord knows we need an advisory group before they begin their venture.

Fast forward to some of the ladies who made it to the editing portion of the show, I’m gathering the ones who have the most issues:

Rachel: A civil litigation attorney. Seems all right.

Danielle: A nail salon owner, now owns three business. Sounds like a good catch.

Vanessa: Seems like a linguist expert and also a special needs teacher. We should have started out with the special needs part first, makes it more authentic.

Josephine: A nursing student gave a whole new meaning to crazy cat lady. Forget she’s studying to be a nurse.

Raven: A small town girl who owns a boutique.

Notice some of these women are career oriented so it makes it easy for them to leave their job since it’s their own business.

Corrine: Now here are endless issues right here. Says she’s a serious business woman who’s taking over her multimillion dollar business from her family. Okay sounds decent. But when she said she had a nanny, I just say, please don’t keep this bitch for too long. I can’t deal with spoiled brats.

Alexis: from Secaucus New Jersey and basically a clown. Nothing more to say about her, other than the dolphin obsession.

Danielle M. Here’s where Howard Stern talks about the vocal fry. This woman is vocal fry from beginning to end. She should like someone is going to die. I couldn’t have a friend who talks like that, you have to be a little bit animated.

Taylor: Mental Health Counselor. Now here’s a good one. Someone who’s a relationship expert who thinks she’s going to save Nick from himself. She also made it a point to disclose she’s biracial. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other.

Liz: She was Jade’s maid of honor and had sex with Nick. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I should include in here. Oh but in her interview she didn’t want to disclose she had sex but later in the show says she does. So…what’s the big secret?

We finally arrive to the big night where Nick now is going to meet his potential wife.

As each woman makes their way out from the limo here are some highlights of the clownish intros and dumb screams that came along when the first limo pulled up.

Let’s start off with Taylor, who Nick, after meeting several woman comes out and says to him, all her friends thought he was a piece of shit.

Um….isn’t this the Mental Health Counselor? Smart move dummy.

Lauren who made her fun of her last name Hussey said she and Vail are considered a disgusting slut. Great interpretation for a first impression.

What as Angela talking about to the other woman inside? I’m confused. Is she a bachelor expert?

Jasmine G.: Way over the top. She bought Neil Lane so she can give Nick a heads up on what kind of ring she likes. This is a big no – no. She might as well have worn a wedding dress.

nick-viall-bachelor-lizWhen Liz came out seems Nick didn’t know who she was initially but later in the show he admits to Chris Harrison he does know her and where they met.

In the next limo crazy Corinne comes out and gives him a hug token. Is this part of her multimillion dollar business?

Raven: Too bad there wasn’t a fast forward feature on Hulu.

All these first impression it makes me wonder if these same women would do this in real life if they met a guy, let’s say from Match.com.

Then the red dress shit started but the girl in the red dress on the camel seemed to have stole the show.

Oh wait was it Alexis who came in the shark suit who kept saying she was a dolphin? On top of that the dolphin noises?

What the fuck?

Now that Nick has 30 woman waiting for him, I wonder who were the people that picked these women. Where these the women from the reject file called back to meet Nick?

After a couple of one on one’s, Chris Harrison comes in with the first impression rose and right in front of Corinne, she’s now in competition mode wanting to get that first impression rose. But someone explain the bag of tokens.

Vanessa seemed to be having a moment with Nick, Corinne comes in and robs him so she can kiss him. For some reason she was proud of that moment. What is a kiss if there isn’t emotion behind it? Dumb move Corinne, but someone with a nanny, no surprise there. This woman is a nothing but a spoiled brat.

Yet, the first impression rose is still sitting there.

Jasmine G. was losing her mind trying to talk to Nick but he seemed not interested. While Corinne got the first kiss, Jasmine G. was the first to cry.

The best part of the first impression rose was seeing Corinne’s face when he grabbed the rose and didn’t ask her to come with him.

The first impression rose he gave to Rachel.rachel-first-impression-rose

Now from most bachelor histories, most first impression roses almost never transpires to anything but just that.

The Rose Ceremony as follows:

Danielle L.
Elizabeth W.
Jasmine G.
Danielle M.
Alexis (sweating underneath the shark costume)
…and the final rose….LIZ.

Nick apologized to every woman he didn’t choose, which was pretty big of him but it makes me wonder, when these bachelors are choosing who goes into the next round, what makes them reject others who are potential good wives in the end.

The commentaries between the women before they got roses were just hilarious. I think I got a bigger gag on Corinne who seemed so convinced with herself, she didn’t get a first impression rose and here she was standing there waiting for a rose. Looking at the coming attractions, it seems we see the reason why Corinne is still single. She’s good for a good time but that’s about it. I can’t see any man bringing her to their family to meet her.


As for Rachel, could we see her being groomed as the first black bachelorette?

See you next week!

Until then.

Loves and Hugs,

Marabelle Blue~


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